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PHOTOS OF OTHER INTERESTING ASTRONOMY STUFF                                                       Jupiter Small with Moons.jpg (36250 bytes)

jupitermoons-0000.jpg (51559 bytes)jupitertwotwo-0000.jpg (41666 bytes)jupiterthree-0000.jpg (43333 bytes)jupitertwo-0000.jpg (44830 bytes)

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Neptune (above)

STS128 (Space Shuttle) and the International Space Station pass overhead on Sept 7th

The Milky Way   7_1_2008    200 sec exposure/ISO 1250/Canon 40D




In and Around the

Charlie Elliott Wildlife Management Area

Mansfield, GA  USA

the big dipper
orion the hunter
taurus and the pleiades




2008_03_02_M82 Cigar Galaxy.JPG (2198946 bytes)
2008_03_02_Orion Nebula.JPG (2742149 bytes)2008_03_03_Sombrero Galaxy.JPG (2993594 bytes)2008_03_03_spindle galaxy 2.JPG (2704508 bytes)2008_03_03_Spindle Galaxy.JPG (2704508 bytes)Sombrero Galaxy 2008_03_25_Canon40D_0898.jpg (65220 bytes)Sombrero Galaxy 2008_03_25_Canon40D_0897.jpg (146358 bytes)

2008_03_03_Spindle.JPG (2740578 bytes)2008_03_03_Whirl Pool.jpg (197591 bytes)2008_03_02_Crab Nebula 2.JPG (3060073 bytes)2008_03_02_Crab Nebula 3.JPG (2864448 bytes)2008_03_02_Crab Nebula.JPG (2874627 bytes)Whirlpool Galaxy 2008_03_25_Canon40D_0896.jpg (123221 bytes)

Solar Photos_02102008_1224.jpg (98120 bytes)Solar Photos_02102008_1228.jpg (70922 bytes)Solar Photos_02102008_1233.jpg (45936 bytes)small 2008_02_19_IMG_0056 orion nebula.jpg (92882 bytes)small2008_02_24_IMG_0255.jpg (130277 bytes)


Small 2008_02_24_IMG_0261.jpg (153028 bytes)small 2008_02_24_IMG_0262.jpg (115275 bytes)Small 2008_02_24_IMG_0288.jpg (87220 bytes)small M82 2008_02_24.jpg (109387 bytes)small galaxies 2008_02_24_IMG_0242.jpg (184978 bytes)


small 2008_02_19_IMG_0050 orion nebula.jpg (133355 bytes)small 2008_02_19_IMG_0051 orion nebula.jpg (120712 bytes)small 2008_02_19_IMG_0052 orion nebula.jpg (155880 bytes)small 2008_02_19_IMG_0053 orion nebula.jpg (113899 bytes)small 2008_02_19_IMG_0054 orion nebula.jpg (146359 bytes)small 2008_02_19_IMG_0055 orion nebula.jpg (127007 bytes)

small Orion2008_02_20_IMG_0159.jpg (80184 bytes)small 2008_02_20_IMG_0155.jpg (51676 bytes)